Commitment to Excellence  


Cornerstone Inc. - Why you should choose Cornerstone as your Builder

The value of...EXPERIENCE

Cornerstone Inc. has been serving Northern Idaho and Eastern Washington for over 30 years.  Not too many companies, let alone contractors, can say that.  And thanks to this experience, the Cornerstone Team understands the Greater Northwest market, its resources, and the environmental challenges better than anyone else.  No other builder can match the system and relationships we have developed over the last three decades of work in our local communities.

The value of...QUALITY

Quality is how Cornerstone first began gaining and sustaining business, and today, we still take pride in that being our reputation.  So much in fact, we centered our mission statement around it:  We will deliver our customers quality materials combined with superior workmanship, that are above industry standards, in the most efficient and reliable manner.  To go one step further, we also limit the number of projects we do each year so our full attention can be kept on your home.  We will persoanlly be on your site daily because no detail is too small when it comes to the home of your dreams. 

The value of...INTEGRITY 

The foundation of our company is based on our intergrity.   Our promise is that “we will not ask, request, or do anything that we would no be willing to do ourselves.”  This means we will not hire any employee, use any subcontractor, or recommend any product or design that we would not use if we were working on our own personal home.  In fact, a little piece of us goes into every home we build.   We are proud to say that by the time your home is constructed, our relationship will be changed from that of a builder-client, to a relationship of two friends coming together to build one dream. 

The value of...SERVICE

Customer satisfaction is our goal above no other.  We understand that each project represent's the owners dream and our job is to do everything possible to ensure that the building process is an enjoyable experience, and the end results exceed those dreams.   To achieve this, we have created a team that allows us to manage every aspect of the construction process from design to delivery.  We have even built a showroom that allows you to view and compare products in one setting.  In essence, we perform all aspects of your construction needs under one roof, leaving no room for error and providing you ease of mind throughout the process with great communication and management skills.


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