Award Winning Designer & Builder

WHAT WE DO & WHY Choose us

Cornerstone is a true Design-Build Contractor; we use an integrated approach that delivers both design and construction services with a single point of responsibility.  Meaning from our first design on that napkin together, to handing you the keys to your new home, we will be there every step of the way.  With one single-point of contact and responsibility, you will be able to save both time and money.  And who doesn’t like that? 



  With our in-house design team, we will work directly with you to create a permit ready set of home plans for about 1/2 the cost of an architect.  And as a Design-Builder, we know construction costs, and begin our design with your budget in mind so there are no surprises later.     



With over 150 custom homes built, there isn't a style or idea we haven't been challenged with, and that's what we love about our jobs. In fact, a little piece of us goes into every home we build. We are proud to say that by the time your home is constructed, our relationship will be changed from that of a builder-client, to a relationship of two friends coming together to build one dream.  



Still in love with your home, but feel like it's a little outdated? Need a more functional kitchen for the chef of the house? Or maybe you're looking for a little more space to entertain your guests? We can do a complete overhaul to create the space you're dreaming of. From remodels to additions, we do it all!

The cornerstone difference


One Single Point of Contact

As we mentioned above, from Design to Door Knobs, you'll only have one point of contact with Jim and I. From the design table to the daily site supervision, we'll be there. This eliminates confusion, miscommunication, and provides you with ease of mind throughout the entire process.  


True...and Affordable...Custom Homes

We feel the word 'Custom' has lost its meaning in the building industry today. On one end, too often a builder considers it custom if they give you 3 style/color choices of the same product.  And on the other end, if it is custom, it's a budget breaker. We know there is a middle ground, there is still a way to affordable custom homes. It starts with design, then requires taking enough time to really care about the vision and style you want your home to radiate, and finding the right product and/or method to accomplish that goal at a reasonable cost. 


In-House Finish Carpenters

While we've been assembling the perfect team of subs and suppliers over the last 40 years to deliver you a quality home, there is still one area we can't bring ourselves to let go of, and that is the interior finish work of your home.  These final details, from cabinets to trim, are the details you'll see daily that need to be perfect. It's also at this point where we know our clients best, and with our in-house crew, we can provide those custom touches that turn a house into a home.